Homer's Pigeon Services

Pigeon Package Delivery

We offer fast, easy, and cheap shipping for any packages under 8 ounces. Any packages over 8 ounces will have additional shipping charges added depending on the weight. We do not ship any materials deemed hazardous by the United States Postal Service.

Your Own Personal Pigeon

Homer's Pigeons also offers the option to buy your own pigeons for your own personal needs. Whether just to send secret messages or simply to tell your boss you won't be at work, your own personal pigeon is a must have for everybody.

IP Over Avian Carrier

Homer's Pigeons can also set up your own Internet access for you using our patented Avian Carrier Packet Delivery System (ACPDS). This service has been proven to be faster in rural areas where DSL or Broadband is too slow for you.

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